Welcome to my “Philomeriblog”, a blog about philosophy and AmeriCorps (though primarily the former).

I started this blog with the beginning of my term in AmeriCorps NCCC FEMA Corps Class XX, after getting my B.A. in Philosophy from UMASS Amherst.  I took a class on Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason there, wherein the sage of Königsberg argues that anything transcendent of space and time, such as “fate” or “the ego”, transcend our rational categories.  In others words, they are irrational, absurd.  Schopenhauer followed Kant with a pessimistic view of absurd reality, but Nietzsche followed Schopenhauer with an affirmation of the absurd, exemplified in his motto of amor fati (love of fate).  Nietzsche’s affirmation rang true for me as a Christian Atheist trying to love my enemy–an enemy which, for the rationalist, is the absurd as such.  So, I started a blog to investigate the question of how a love of the absurd is possible.

Because I wrote all of these blogs during my ten-month stint in FEMA Corps or shortly thereafter, they often link my experience in the program to the philosophical issue at hand.  This is primary a “philosophy blog” rather than a “NCCC Blog”, but I suspected that an absurdist philosophy’s growth would be helped rather than hindered by concurrent work in emergency management.  If you have arrived looking for information on what the program is like, here’s the short of it, in the very evaluative format we often used on my NCCC campus in Vinton, Iowa:


+’fills in gaps left by college education’, as a City Year alumna might put it

+chance to become familiar with distant locations in the U.S.

+great for making connections and learning the ins and outs of FEMA

Even-Better-Ifs (EBIs)

-service might be more effective if it were focused on one location, or on a narrower range of work, for the year

-advertising material could be more up-front about the significant amount of time Corps Members spend in offices

-Corps Members could be treated more like adults in some instances

Now that I have finished my term with NCCC, I am pursuing certification with the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (with which NCCC has helped significantly).  In September of 2014, I will be starting an 11-month fellowship with a Jewish service organization in Detroit.  I do not plan to add more content to this blog, but feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by!

Comments and opinions expressed on this blog are my personal view only and do not reflect the official stance of FEMA or Americorps.



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